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"No, really. I'm the only one here."

"I'm glad I hired Deb to inspect the house I am considering buying. I never knew she checked all these things. Just walking through the house I never saw the things she pointed out for me."

Michelle H., Home Buyer

"Your report saved us over $3,500 in repairs and added money to our escrow."
Ricky S., Homeowner "I never knew the hot water was piped to my toilet! I never use that bathroom."

Gayla H., Homeowner

"I almost bought that house! After receiving your report and photos, I decided to continue to look. The house looked good cosmetically, but you found the hidden problems in the crawl space that I never would have known about. You won't catch me in the crawl space."

Rebecca S., Home Buyer

"I didn't buy my $1.4 million dollar house due to that crack on the side of the garage that you found and my realtor and I missed it."

Tim H., Home Buyer

"Deb suggested that the furnace was in need of repair, and the seller agreed to replace it before we closed on the house. Without the inspection, we would never have known until it was time to use the furnace."

David S., Home Buyer

"A Crack in the slab was found that ran the length of the condo. It was not visible, but Deb detected it when walking around the place during inspection. When she lifted the carpet edges, she found it."

Edward P., Home Buyer