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Getting ready to buy a new home? You've probably got a lot on your mind, especially when it comes to money. Taxes, closing costs, interest rates -- these can all mean less cash in your pocket. So you probably don't want to think about yet another expense, particularly before you even purchase the house. But what if you could invest a few hundred dollars and save thousands in return? Ahhhh! Now that might be different.

The fact is, a home inspection on the house you're thinking of purchasing could reveal problems you never would have noticed -- problems that you could require the seller to address before you purchase the house, or maybe even problems that make you change your mind altogether about buying the house.

When you compare the cost of the inspection to the price of the house you will be paying on for the next 30 years, isn't it worth a couple of hundred dollars to find out the condition of the house before you sign on the dotted line?

When you buy a used car, I hope you take it to a certified mechanic who knows what to look for before you buy that car. (I do!) Same thing when buying a house. Let someone who is trained to look for problems inspect the house before you buy. After all, there is more to maintaining a house than just new carpet and fresh paint.

Most of my inspections average 1 hour for every 1000 square feet. Usually the first question I get is "How much for an inspection?" Pricing is based on square footage of the house, age of the house, location (drive time) if its built on a slab or pier and beam. If you need a termite inspection, that starts at approximately $100. Minimum price starts approximately $385. I no longer do pier and beam inspections" but have great referrals of other inspectors that still inspect them.

Keep in mind that this is only a close visual inspection of the property. You don't own the house yet, so we can't tear through walls, move furniture or look under carpets to see what's behind the "golden curtain"; but we can often tell from "the signs" whether something has been repaired or patched or neglected. I wish I had x-ray vision (no, maybe I don't), but I try to give you all the information I can about the house so you can make a qualified decision on purchasing the property. We all are human, and mistakes will happen; but hopefully I can catch most everything.

Having been in the business since 1998, I feel I can give you the best inspection possible for a reasonable price. I know money is tight when buying a house (I have been there), but if you are going to try and save a few bucks here or there, don't skimp on the inspection. GET ONE and have peace of mind.

No. This inspection report is to make you aware of the condition of the property. We can not force the seller to fix anything. We are like a dog with no teeth: we can bark all we want, but we can't bite. Yes, that puts us between a rock and a hard place sometimes. From the report and the condition of the house, you then as the buyer need to decide if you can live with whatever the seller refuses to fix, or do you walk away and keep looking. Just remember, there are a lot of houses out there, so try not to get too involved with a house, just in case the deal falls through. You can use the report as a negotiating tool or end up with it as your "honey-do" list, as some clients called it. You do NOT have to have a house inspected in Texas, but I would suggest that if you know little to nothing about plumbing, electrical, mechanical or structural systems, you really should have the inspection done. It can keep you out of the "money pit" if you get into something you knew nothing about.

It got your attention didn't it? Marketing 101 but also I am a HUGE animal lover. At this time, I have 2.5 dogs(?), 4 cats, several finches and a 75 gallon fish tank.... yes at one time in my life there were also ducks, guniea pigs, pet mice, love birds, parakeets and a couple more cats & dogs. Monthly donations ($) to the local SPCA to help these monsters is my happiness. Several of my dogs and cats are rescues from local shelters. My favorite saying is "Children are for people who can't have dogs."

Yes, you can and if price is all you are concerned with, then please go with the other company. I will guarantee you will always find someone even cheaper if you look but I have based my inspections on price per sqft and feel you get a EXPERIENCED, QUALITY, THOROUGH inspection for the money. If you need referrals from past clients on previous inspections, I would be happy to send you names. To be honest with you, being in this business since 1998, I have always found companies cheaper OR more expensive than myself, but it's my reputation and referrals that has kept it going this many years. I take my job seriously since I am the only one running it. I want an educated consumer and a satisfied customer. What if your boss came to you and asked you to work for less money?

Do your research!!! The Builder is out to make a living too! Hire a Real Estate Agent even on NEW homes! They will protect you and even get you more than the Builder is offering!

YOU ARE LUCKY IF… the city building inspector spends 15 minutes in the house before moving on to the next one. NOTE: They have a lot on their plates each day and a lot of houses to "run through." I spend several hours on-site checking every accessible window, door, outlet, drain, fixture, faucet, switch, wall, ceiling, vent, etc. You can't do that in 15 minutes or less.

YOU ARE LUCKY IF… your builder-contractor-supervisor really supervised everyone on-site during construction of your new home. NOTE: They are NOT building one house at a time.

YOU ARE LUCKY IF… all the construction workers for the builder are individually and properly trained in home construction and have read the ever-changing Texas residential code and manufacturers' installation procedures. NOTE: Not everyone in Texas can read English.

YOU ARE LUCKY IF… the new house has been "inspected" before you move in. NOTE: Was that inspector working for the builder or working for you? Get a third-party licensed inspector who works for YOU and reports on the Texas state-promulgated report per TREC, instead of a "punch list" written by the builder.

From real home inspections (I stopped at 20 items): 1. Water heater connections cross-connected 2. Toilets piped with hot water supply 3. Missing AC supply vents to a room 4. Disconnected AC ducts in attic 5. Missing insulation in attic areas 6. Water leak showing at the water meter 7. Water leaks from showers and tubs 8. Furnace / AC / thermostat not functioning 9. Improper flashing at roofs and exterior walls 10. Service panels not wired correctly 11. Sprinkler systems inoperative 12. Improper roof installations 13. Gas flex lines installed improperly 14. Disconnected drain pipes 15. Dryer vents screened over 16. Windows that won't function 17. Wrong polarity to electrical outlets 18. Gas leaks 19. Missing weatherstripping 20. Foundation rebar exposed.

It may be a new home, but what about the issues I have found (more than once) from the list above? I am not saying all new homes have these types of issues, but MANY do. An INVESTMENT of a couple hundred dollars on a 20/20 HOME INSPECTION can HELP REDUCE YOUR RISK when purchasing a five-to-seven figure home. This visual inspection includes: Plumbing. Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Drainage & Safety, per the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).

I try and keep Sunday as my day of rest.... God did it. If you need a Saturday inspection, I am there. I only schedule 2 inspections per day. One in the morning around 9am and one in the afternoon around 2pm. This way I have time FOR YOU. I am not rushing thru the inspection so I can make it to the next appointment like some other companies out there doing 3-5 inspections a day!!!! I like quality, not quantity. Since 1998 to today 1/23/07 I have performed 2000 inspections. Not high compared to some inspection companies, but how much time did they spend at your house-to-be?

Just email me and I will gladly send you a copy of a report. My best one is from a NEW home inspection I did in 2006. Yes, there are problems with new construction and this one was either built on a Friday or a Monday.....