2020 Home Inspections
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PMS 101

After several years of being in the home inspection business, we are seeing the same neglect on a large percentage of the houses being sold that could have been corrected at the early stages. Many home owners were NOT aware of any problems or did not perform the simple preventative maintenance tasks that good home owners should do to get the most out of their investment.

Today, many single women are becoming home owners. Many married women are home more than their spouse -- or the significant other can't, won't (or doesn't know how) to maintain the house; so this seminar is designed for WOMEN to look for the signals and signs to prevent the damage and neglect before it gets costly!

Also, the money you spend NOW on your home with simple maintenance procedures will HELP INCREASE THE SELLING VALUE OF YOUR HOME when it comes time to sell.

PMS Seminars presented by:
Deb Sadler w/ 20/20 Home Inspections TREC#4582

TIME: pm

ATTENTION Home Owners Associations

If you are interested in having me come and speak about some of the Preventative Maintenance & Safety topics for your HOA group, please contact me and I can give a presentation -- 30 minutes to an hour -- about it and answer any questions you may have about your home and maintaining it, at NO COST! Email or call me! 214-232-2619 cell

Please send your emails to Deb