2020 Home Inspections
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  1. How much does a home inspection cost?
  2. Can we make the seller fix everything the inspector finds?
  3. Why the wolf logo?
  4. I found a cheaper priced inspector.....
  5. New houses are perfect -- or are they?
  6. Do you work weekends?
  7. Can I get an example of your report?

6. Do you work weekends?

I try and keep Sunday as my day of rest.... God did it. If you need a Saturday inspection, I am there. I only schedule 2 inspections per day. One in the morning around 9am and one in the afternoon around 2pm. This way I have time FOR YOU. I am not rushing thru the inspection so I can make it to the next appointment like some other companies out there doing 3-5 inspections a day!!!! I like quality, not quantity. Since 1998 to today 1/23/07 I have performed 2000 inspections. Not high compared to some inspection companies, but how much time did they spend at your house-to-be?

7. Can I get an example of your report?

Just email me and I will gladly send you a copy of a report. My best one is from a NEW home inspection I did in 2006. Yes, there are problems with new construction and this one was either built on a Friday or a Monday.....

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