2020 Home Inspections
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  1. How much does a home inspection cost?
  2. Can we make the seller fix everything the inspector finds?
  3. Why the wolf logo?
  4. I found a cheaper priced inspector.....
  5. New houses are perfect -- or are they?
  6. Do you work weekends?
  7. Can I get an example of your report?

5. New houses are perfect -- or are they?

Do your research!!! The Builder is out to make a living too! Hire a Real Estate Agent even on NEW homes! They will protect you and even get you more than the Builder is offering!

YOU ARE LUCKY IF… the city building inspector spends 15 minutes in the house before moving on to the next one. NOTE: They have a lot on their plates each day and a lot of houses to "run through." I spend several hours on-site checking every accessible window, door, outlet, drain, fixture, faucet, switch, wall, ceiling, vent, etc. You can't do that in 15 minutes or less.

YOU ARE LUCKY IF… your builder-contractor-supervisor really supervised everyone on-site during construction of your new home. NOTE: They are NOT building one house at a time.

YOU ARE LUCKY IF… all the construction workers for the builder are individually and properly trained in home construction and have read the ever-changing Texas residential code and manufacturers' installation procedures. NOTE: Not everyone in Texas can read English.

YOU ARE LUCKY IF… the new house has been "inspected" before you move in. NOTE: Was that inspector working for the builder or working for you? Get a third-party licensed inspector who works for YOU and reports on the Texas state-promulgated report per TREC, instead of a "punch list" written by the builder.

From real home inspections (I stopped at 20 items): 1. Water heater connections cross-connected 2. Toilets piped with hot water supply 3. Missing AC supply vents to a room 4. Disconnected AC ducts in attic 5. Missing insulation in attic areas 6. Water leak showing at the water meter 7. Water leaks from showers and tubs 8. Furnace / AC / thermostat not functioning 9. Improper flashing at roofs and exterior walls 10. Service panels not wired correctly 11. Sprinkler systems inoperative 12. Improper roof installations 13. Gas flex lines installed improperly 14. Disconnected drain pipes 15. Dryer vents screened over 16. Windows that won't function 17. Wrong polarity to electrical outlets 18. Gas leaks 19. Missing weatherstripping 20. Foundation rebar exposed.

It may be a new home, but what about the issues I have found (more than once) from the list above? I am not saying all new homes have these types of issues, but MANY do. An INVESTMENT of a couple hundred dollars on a 20/20 HOME INSPECTION can HELP REDUCE YOUR RISK when purchasing a five-to-seven figure home. This visual inspection includes: Plumbing. Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Drainage & Safety, per the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).