2020 Home Inspections
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  1. How much does a home inspection cost?
  2. Can we make the seller fix everything the inspector finds?
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  5. New houses are perfect -- or are they?
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1. How much does a home inspection cost?

Getting ready to buy a new home? You've probably got a lot on your mind, especially when it comes to money. Taxes, closing costs, interest rates -- these can all mean less cash in your pocket. So you probably don't want to think about yet another expense, particularly before you even purchase the house. But what if you could invest a few hundred dollars and save thousands in return? Ahhhh! Now that might be different.

The fact is, a home inspection on the house you're thinking of purchasing could reveal problems you never would have noticed -- problems that you could require the seller to address before you purchase the house, or maybe even problems that make you change your mind altogether about buying the house.

When you compare the cost of the inspection to the price of the house you will be paying on for the next 30 years, isn't it worth a couple of hundred dollars to find out the condition of the house before you sign on the dotted line?

When you buy a used car, I hope you take it to a certified mechanic who knows what to look for before you buy that car. (I do!) Same thing when buying a house. Let someone who is trained to look for problems inspect the house before you buy. After all, there is more to maintaining a house than just new carpet and fresh paint.

Most of my inspections average 1 hour for every 1000 square feet. Usually the first question I get is "How much for an inspection?" Pricing is based on square footage of the house, age of the house, location (drive time) if its built on a slab or pier and beam. If you need a termite inspection, that starts at approximately $80. Minimum price starts approximately $325. I no longer do pier and beam inspections" but have great referrals of other inspectors that still inspect them.

Keep in mind that this is only a close visual inspection of the property. You don't own the house yet, so we can't tear through walls, move furniture or look under carpets to see what's behind the "golden curtain"; but we can often tell from "the signs" whether something has been repaired or patched or neglected. I wish I had x-ray vision (no, maybe I don't), but I try to give you all the information I can about the house so you can make a qualified decision on purchasing the property. We all are human, and mistakes will happen; but hopefully I can catch most everything.

Having been in the business since 1998, I feel I can give you the best inspection possible for a reasonable price. I know money is tight when buying a house (I have been there), but if you are going to try and save a few bucks here or there, don't skimp on the inspection. GET ONE and have peace of mind.